The Yoga Shala Galway was founded in 2002 by Laragh & David Cunningham who wanted a space where they could share their yoga training and experience from Australia and India with a community in their home city. The Yoga Shala are committed to staying at the cutting edge of yoga and health. From their international experience in Australia, The Yoga Shala were the first to bring Yoga Synergy teachings to Europe - a merging of elements of traditional and ancient hatha yoga styles, together with an in depth scientific knowledge of anatomy and physiology.

Our Mission

Share our knowledge of Yoga with the intent to enable others to live longer, healthier and happier lives. 

Core Values of Our Classes

The Yoga Shala specialises in yoga similar to the Ashtanga system which challenges the body and the mind to strengthen both. While our style of yoga is strong and athletic, our classes are non competitive and synchronise breath and movement, to gain control of the body and the mind at the same time.

Movement with grace and ease with underlying strength.

Stillness with concentration and self-inquiry.

Gather energy with all we do.