Guidelines for practicing yoga safely and effectively


How we recommend you use Yoga as a tool for health:

 · Stay relaxed, especially in your face 

 · Move slowly and smoothly from one pose to the next 

 · Don't over-tense your muscles 

 · Don't over-stretch.

 · Don't over-breathe (the best breath is your own natural breath) 

 · Build up energy, do not deplete it. 

You should leave feeling better than or at least as well as you came. 

 · No physical pain. 

 · Bend at the knees when forward bending. Spinal forward bends are much safer for the back if you bend your knees (especially if your hamstrings are tight) 

 · Keep the lower back long as often as possible but always in side-bends and twists. 

 · It is always safer to move slowly and sensitively. A good general rule is to: bend less, tense less and breathe less. 

 · When a leg is in front of the spine the thigh of that leg rolls out, when a leg is behind the spine the thigh of that leg turns in. 

 · Face the teacher as often as possible but always in the nerve tensioning and spinal movements section.

Have a look at the video on this page, perhaps you might practice with it once (or as often as you like) during the week between our classes.