Welcome to the Yoga Shala

We, Laragh and David Cunningham have been teaching yoga in Galway since 2002 and established the Yoga Shala in 2005. Together with we our superb team of teachers we have over 50 years of combined teaching experience. Some things we are proud of:

  • We have trained over 20 teachers in a safe effective style of Yoga based on our extensive research and International training

  • We have been been trusted by the people of Galway and nationally. We are recommended and used by groups such Physiotherapists, Medical Professionals, Connacht Rugby, Galway Hurlers and Footballers and lots of Schools (we deliver 8 week courses to thousands of kids each year)

  • Our classes welcome all ages and abilities from absolute beginners to professional sportspeople and yogis

  • We offer a warm and welcoming teaching environment where everyone is encouraged to enjoy and explore the practice of yoga at their own pace

8 week term from Sunday May 5th 2019

We hope you can join us and see how we approach yoga and use it to enhance your movement and overall health.


Those new to yoga are always welcome.


  • Drop-in rate for all classes  €15

  • 8 week term 1 class per week  €90 

  • 8 week term 2 classes per week  €160

  • Unlimited* Yoga for 8 week term €195

  • 8 week Courses such as Pregnancy and Men's Yoga  €100

Terms And Conditions

  • * Men's and Pregnancy Yoga is not included in Unlimited Yoga offers

  • All **non-members of Ocean fitness** must sign-in at reception before entering yoga classes and attendance at these classes do not permit the use of any members facilities .

  • It is not financially possible for us to continue in business where classes are allowed to carry forward from one term to the next. All sales are final. Class packages expire at the end of the term and there are no refunds for non-attendance.


Classes from previous terms are not valid or redeemable.

Class descriptions:

Beginners: Our Beginners classes are ideal of you have not done yoga before or are doing one class per week.

All Levels: Intermediate to advance postures are offered in this Faster pace yoga with options from easy to challenging this class develops better movement, strength, concentration and meditation with a mix of sweat and serenity. It's ok to go to this class if you have done some Yoga before or have not got any injuries.

Gentle Yoga: Lisa leads you through a more gentle paced class to bring better movement, stability and relaxation.

Pregnancy Yoga: Join anytime from 14 weeks of pregnancy. Please email in advance of attendance to confirm availability.

Men's Yoga: For men with stiff backs, hips, hamstrings and who want to improve their movement. This is not a 'macho flogging session' by the teacher but a sensible tried and tested approach to improving movement and overall health.